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Our international moving services we perform according to the highest international standards regulated by international associations registered in the U.S. and Latin America, to which we are members, which allows us to offer the complete security of the destination of your move or shipment anywhere in the world , as well as receipt of your belongings and knowledge at all times of the location and status of their cargo is or move, all backed by our more than 1500 international agents around the world that support our ordering to shipment services, air transport , sea and land.
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Our national moving service is made up of a fleet of trucks with capacity of 45m3 (closed van) that have come throughout the national territory by Costa, Sierra and Selva, featuring our National Door to Door service, operated by highly skilled drivers that ensure fast and safe transfer service in which you entrust us with their belongings and they are delivered at a time and place agreed by the staff who was appointed to the origin of your move.
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Our office moving service, whether your move is large or small, only experts should be responsible for making the move from his office. Prior planning, coordination and attention to detail, no matter how small, will have an important role for a successful move. With an admirable history of removals companies of all sizes, Contimovers SAC, this uniquely qualified to partner with you and assist you in all aspects of moving your office.
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If you hire a moving company
Note that the quotes you will receive are always approximate. If you show interest they will send a technician home for...
Preparing an International Moving
An international move entails minimal preparation for 2 or 3 months prior to departure. The first step is to choose a m...
What to do after a move?
When the moving truck has arrived at your destination, start the second part of the work: unpacking, unpack, reassemble...
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