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Our international moving services we perform according to the highest international standards regulated by international associations registered in the U.S. and Latin America, to which we are members, which allows us to offer the complete security of the destination of your move or shipment anywhere in the world , as well as receipt of your belongings and knowledge at all times of the location and status of their cargo is or move, all backed by our more than 1500 international agents around the world that support our ordering to shipment services, air transport , sea and land.

Likewise, handle all shipment documentation of the move, taking into account the country of destination, allowing us to provide a comprehensive moving service door to door with total quality. Our service includes:
  • Staff specialist packaging, ie properly uniformed packers and identified.
  • Assembly boxes and wooden crates or plywood-made for items that require it.
  • Preparation Inventory List home residence.
  • Filling and sealing waterproof containers at the entrance of your residence.
  • Transport of cargo from their residence to the port terminal authorized by customs.
  • Customs formalities: union payment and shipping rights.
  • Contract and payment of the respective international freight to the port and / or destination airport.
  • Notification to our representatives on the arrival of the shipment and other details.
  • Receipt and shipment monitoring by our representatives in the destination. Customs clearance at destination. Unpacking and installation at the new residence.
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